EnergySMART Software Suite

Our EnergySMART software suite is the first and only comprehensive suite of SaaS applications for the complete management and implementation of energy efficiency projects from start to finish.




User Friendly Functionality.

The process for managing energy projects is streamlined with the EnergySMART Suite and you don’t have to be an engineer to do it.

100% Responsive.

Access the software from any device, anywhere. The SaaS suite can be accessed with or without internet.

Module Integration.

Each module functions independently from one another but they all integrate the data for easy workflow management.




  • From start to finish, RenewAge made our energy efficiency upgrade an easy process across all 6 of our locations.

    — Lily Peratoner, R-Ranch Supermarkets —
  • RenewAge was instrumental in helping our client maximize their energy savings and rebates to help subsidize the cost for equipment upgrades.

    — Skip Nau, Hill-Phoenix —






How does your building match up to similar building types in your area?  Our software suite will input your data into EnergyStar’s Portfolio Manager to benchmark you or your client’s building automatically.

Track Clients & Buildings

Auditing or managing multiple buildings? Our software organizes and tracks your energy management efforts for each of your buildings/clients individually.

Energy Audits

How much can your building save by performing efficiency upgrades? Our software will help you identify your savings potential simply by inputting your existing equipment information.

Energy Reports

Generate reports which streamline recommendations for energy efficient upgrades, identify potential costs, rebates, savings & payback in a easy to read format.

Purchase Orders

Generate automated bill of materials and purchase orders to send to vendors with pre-filled material lists based on selected energy upgrades to save on time, money and accidentally errors that occurring when creating purchasing documents by hand.

Project Management

Track and update the status of your projects, maintain communication, purchase orders, invoices and other job related documents conveniently all in our place.

Energy Bill Tracking

Measure the impact of your energy upgrades by utilizing our automated energy bill tracking for real-time energy management and tracking.

Service & Maintenance

Easily track service and maintenance of your equipment, receive alerts and track service calls for visibility into annual maintenance costs.


benchmarking module

Benchmarking Module

The all-important first step of determining how a building’s energy performance stacks up against similar building types is to first Benchmark the building.  This module uses a simple step-by-step process to collect the data necessary for Benchmarking your building.  It then submits the data to EnergyStar’s portfolio manager and returns the results automatically in an easy to read format.



Audit Module

To identify energy and water cost saving measures, the audit module simplifies the process of conducting an energy audit and identifying potential upgrades by simply entering in data on what is existing; eliminating the need for an engineer.  The audit module produces an automated savings report with recommendations for potential upgrades, cost, calculates rebates, and payback without needing to consult with an expert, saving tons of time and money.

energy audit module

project management module

Project Management Module

Once upgrades our decided, the Project Management module simplifies the process of managing an energy upgrade project by auto-generating proposed bill of materials, purchase orders, tracking invoices, tracking project communication and other documentation that is pertinent to the completion of the project; all in one place accessible by the project manager, client and other stakeholders.



Energy Management Module

Clients, Owners and Operators of buildings will be able to track their entire energy upgrade progress through the Energy Manager Module.  This module also allows the client to ongoing track the energy use of their building in real time through utility bill tracking, service & maintenance tracking, etc.

energy management module

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